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Fable captures the full code replica (HTML and CSS) of any browser based application so that you can create a fully interactive demo with deep customization possibility.

How to Capture Demo

The first step of creating any interactive demo is capturing the steps of the demo using Fable’s Chrome extension. The process is very straightforward and shown in the interactive demo below.

The steps involved in demo capture are:

  • Open the web page/application that you want to capture.
  • Launch Fable’s Chrome extension by clicking on ‘Start Recording’.
  • Carry out all the steps in the web page/application that you want to capture as a part of the demo.
  • Click on ‘Stop Recording’ after completing all the steps.
  • Select between either creating a new demo or add the captures to an existing demo
  • In case of creating a new demo, you will be prompted to name the demo, select from the intelligently populated theme to set the look and feel of the demo (you can always customize these further after the demo has been created).
  • Review all the selections and click on ‘Create Interactive Demo’ to complete the capture process.

Fable automagically stitches together all the steps and spins up an interactive demo that has all the captures sequentially ordered.

In case there are additional steps you want to add to this demo, you can take a look at the next page on how to do that.

If you need any help in getting started with Fable and making the best of it for your business, feel free to contact us at  support@sharefable.com