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Demo Level Insights

To view the analytics of a specific demo/ guide you’ve published, click on the analytics icon on the right corner of the card.

The analytics dashboard now shows you all the insights you need about that particular guide/ demo. These include:

  • Total Sessions: A session is created when a viewer interacts with a Fable. Total Sessions represents all the sessions that were created for the past 30 days/ 60 days / 90 days. This includes repeated sessions as well. A repeated session is when a particular viewer visits a fable multiple times.
  • Unique Viewers: Unique viewers represent all the unique visitors who have interacted with a Fable. For eg: if the same viewer interacts with a Fable multiple times, the number of unique viewers will remain at only 1.
  • Conversion: In simple terms, conversion percentage is the number of viewers who have completed the guide/ demo among the ones who have interacted with the guide/ demo.
  • Median Session Time: Session duration is the exact amount of time a viewer has interacted with a guide/ demo. The time is rounded up to the nearest second value. Median Session Time is a rough but useful representation that indicates how engaging the guide/ demo is.
  • Funnel Drop-Offs: Funnel drop-off gives you insights into how your demo is performing as viewers interact with a guide/ demo. This will give you an idea of churn/retention per step in the guide/ demo. If you click on a specific step in the funnel, you can see the details about conversion and distribution.

Here’s a short interactive demo showing you how to view the demo level insights:

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