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Welcome to the world of Fable!

This interactive knowledge base will help you create compelling interactive demos all by yourself.

What is Fable?

Fable is your go-to interactive demo platform. Fable is purpose-built to help companies of all sizes create stunning interactive demos in less than 5 minutes of effort.

Who can use Fable?

Fable, as of today, caters to a wide range of use cases that spans across industries. From marketing and sales to partnerships and customer success to L&D teams - Fable is for everyone who intend to create engaging demos, documentation centers and training modules.

Here are a few examples of how Fable can be used today:

Marketing teams to increase conversions

  • Interactive product tours on your website: You can create a step-by-step guided product tour and embed it on your website. The intent here is to capture interested leads + increase the number of qualified leads that are passed on to your sales team.
  • Interactive product tours in email campaigns: Gone are the days when all your emails were just about text-heavy content. You can now engage your audience with embedded product tours in your emails to increase the number of conversations.
  • Interactive product tours in landing pages: All your new feature launches can now have an engaging demo. You can embed these tours on your blog or any landing page to drive customer engagement.

Sales teams to close more deals

  • Personalized live demos: You do not have to show the same Acme demo to all your prospects. Your sales reps can now customize demos based on persona, use case, and many more in minutes. These live demos of Fable can then be used on your demo calls to wow your prospects.
  • Demo leave-behinds to assist multi-threading: With most of your deals requiring multi-threading, you do not really have to worry about having multiple demo calls anymore. You can now share Fable demos as leave-behinds and let your champion make the case for you.

Partnerships teams to empower partners

  • Enable partners with demo templates: You can now let all your resellers and partners to sell the same way your in-house sales team does. Control their narrative and their demo environment. Never compromise on how your brand and product is perceived ever again.

Customer Success teams to onboard & train customers

  • Onboard customers 24/7: Teams can now use Fable to onboard customers 24/7 with step-by-step guided interactive demos. Let your customers learn by doing!
  • Interactive knowledge base to help everyone: No more text-heavy documentation centers. It is time to turn all documentation centers and knowledge bases into interactive and engaging machines.

Learning & Development teams to supercharge training

  • No more ad-hoc training sessions: Supercharge your LMS courses with embedded & interactive guides.
If you need any help in getting started with Fable and making the best of it for your business, feel free to contact us at  support@sharefable.com