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The following are some of the terminology you will commonly encounter while using Fable.

Common Terminology

  • Advanced Element Picker: An element selector for an annotation that will help you fine-tune/change the element selected for an annotation.
  • Annotation: The box inside which the annotation message is shown. It is alternatively referred to as Annotation Message Box or Annotation Box as well. There are 3 types of annotations - Guide Annotation, Cover Annotation, Multi Annotation.
  • Annotation Message: The message that is shown on each screen of the demo. It could either be a cover annotation, annotation associated with a particular element of the screen or even a multi annotation. There are two formats of messages - text and video.
  • Canvas: The playground where the entire flow of the demo is represented is called the Canvas. It allows for an easy consumption of the flow of the demo and also allows you to make quick edits to the flow by dragging and dropping the captured screens.
  • Capture: The recording of the steps you want included in an interactive demo using the Fable extension.
  • Cover Annotation: A cover annotation is an annotation message that is not associated with an element of the screen but the entire screen itself.
  • Effects: Special effects that can be applied to either the screen or the annotation box.
  • Entry Point: An entry point tells Fable where to start the interactive demo when someone opens the iFrame embed/URL link of the demo.
  • Extension: Fable’s Chrome extension which is used to capture the demo.
  • Flow: The stitched together demo in the canvas is referred to as the flow. Also referred to as ‘Demo Flow’.
  • Guide Annotation: A guide annotation is an annotation message that is associated with an element of the screen.
  • Hotspot: The element of the screen which is interactivity enabled is called a hotspot. A user can click on this element to move forward in the demo journey as an alternative to clicking on ‘Next’ button.
  • Loader: The animation that is shown while a demo is loading.
  • Module: When a demo has different sections, ‘Module’ allows the consumer of a demo to navigate between various sections easily much like the index of a book.
  • Multi Annotation: A multi-annotation is an annotation message that creates a branch from the main demo.
  • Preview: Preview lets you see the end to end demo flow the way a consumer of your demo would.
  • Publish: When you are ready to go live with a demo, you publish it so that all the sharable formats (iFrame embed, URL etc.) become active.
  • Screen: An individual step of a demo. Alternatively referred to as Captured Screen or Capture.
  • Selection: The element of the screen which was clicked on at the time of capture is called ‘Selection’ or ‘Element Selected’
  • Text Annotation Message: The annotation message that is in the form of text.
  • Video Annotation Message: The annotation message that is in the form of video.
If you need any help in getting started with Fable and making the best of it for your business, feel free to contact us at  support@sharefable.com