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A key part of an interactive demo is the guiding message that walks the viewer of the demo through the various steps.

Editing a Text Guide Message

The default guide message within Fable is text. When a new demo is created, each step of the demo comes with a guide that is associated with the element of the web page/application that you interacted with at the time of capture. The very last step of the demo has a cover guide.

When the demo is autostitched together, it includes a dummy text message that you can change at the time of editing the demo. Fable’s text guide message supports mark-down (i.e. you can format it anyway you like) as well as inclusion of images and gifs.

The interactive demo below shows how you can edit a guide message:

As an alternative to text guide message, you can also have a video guide message where the information is relayed to the viewer of the demo through a video. The next page shows how you can add a video guide message.

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