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You can make your Fable demos mobile responsive. This will ensure the demo viewers have a great experience irrespective of the device they see it on.

Setting Mobile Responsiveness

Setting mobile responsiveness of the demo is dependent on whether the app that is recorded for the demo is mobile responsiveness. The following options detail how to go about setting the mobile responsiveness of the demo:

  • App is mobile responsive: In cases where the app is mobile responsive, it is very straightforward. You just select the option ‘My app is mobile responsive’ and then click on the button to apply it to the demo. This will automatically make the demo mobile responsive.
  • App is not mobile responsive: In cases where the app is not mobile responsive, you select this particular option. In this particular scenario, the viewers of the demo are requested to switch their phone to landscape mode to view the demo. If they prefer to continue in portrait mode, a scaled down version of the demo is shown to them.

The following interactive demo shows how you can set the mobile responsiveness for your demos:

In case you have questions about whether or not your app is mobile responsive, please reach out to developers in your team who are involved in the development of your app. They will be able to share the answer to that question.

If you need any help in getting started with Fable and making the best of it for your business, feel free to contact us at  support@sharefable.com