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In this section, we will go through the plethora of edit options available to you within Fable. All the edits you can do can be done in a no-code fashion.

Demo canvas

The main playground of an interactive demo created using Fable is the canvas. This is where you will see the entire flow of the demo stitched together.


What are the various edit options within Fable?

With Fable’s full fledged HTML and CSS capture, you get to have a high degree of control over every single detail of the demo. You can edit all of the following things among many others:

  • Guide: You can choose to have text message or a video message to guide a viewer through the demo.
  • Size and Positioning: ou can modify how and where the guide box appears in the demo.
  • Branding: You can modify how the guide box looks and feels.
  • Call to Actions: You can modify the buttons that appear in the guide box and control how a viewer moves through the demo.
  • Hotspot: You can control the interactivity of the demo while drawing a viewer’s attention to specific elements and getting them to interact with them.
  • Effects: You can apply special visual effects to the captured screen as well as the guide box to make the demos more appealing.
  • On-Screen Edits: You can modify elements on the screen and make changes to everything from text to images to have a great degree of personaliztion in the demo.
  • Reorder the Demo Flow: You can reorder the entire demo flow right from within the canvas.
  • Loader: You can modify the loader design to match the brand by adding the logo.
  • Lead Form: You can add lead forms to capture details of the demo viewers.
  • Create Modules: You can create a guiding module (think of it like chapters of a book) that will help a viewer navigate between different sections of the demo.
  • Set Entry Point: You can set which captured screen should be the entry point in the demo.
  • Preview Demo: You can preview how the demo looks at any point in time to help you make further edits and fine-tune.
  • Publish Demo: You can publish the demo and make use of a host of sharing methods to share the demo with the world.

In the next page, we will get familiar with Guides and the different types of Guides that you can use in your demo.

If you need any help in getting started with Fable and making the best of it for your business, feel free to contact us at  support@sharefable.com